“Healthy, Decadent or Somewhere in Between. We'll provide the toppings so you can do your own thing.” Granola’s is a traditional self-serve frozen yogurt shop and a little more. We pride ourselves in providing a wide array toppings ranging from the healthy to the decadent at an affordable price that is determined by the individual. The price is based on the weight. If you only want a little bit, get a little bit. If you want more, get more. You get to choose and create your own unique combination of yogurt and toppings.

    This month we are giving away a $25 gift card to the person with the best essay. read more

    On November 15, Owner Karen Williams will be volunteering at the Project 5:1 event. read more

    You don’t have to search through the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin, it’s already in the frozen yogurt flavor!  This frozen yogurt is seasonal and available right now at both locations.  It’s non fat (ZERO FAT), contains 110 calories per 4 ounces of yogurt, and is simply delicious.  Stop in and get a sample today! read more

    Every Month Granola’s introduces and showcases a topping of the Month.  This month we are proud to showcase “Glutino” gluten free pretzels.   These pretzel twists not only add the perfect crunch to your fro yo creation, but they are free of wheat, gluten, milk, and casein. read more