“Healthy, Decadent or Somewhere in Between. We'll provide the toppings so you can do your own thing.” Granola’s is a traditional self-serve frozen yogurt shop and a little more. We pride ourselves in providing a wide array toppings ranging from the healthy to the decadent at an affordable price that is determined by the individual. The price is based on the weight. If you only want a little bit, get a little bit. If you want more, get more. You get to choose and create your own unique combination of yogurt and toppings.

    In February we are giving away $5 gift cards to the heart colored the best. read more

    On March 22nd, 2015, Owners Karen Williams and Tom Williams will be climbing in Seattle for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. read more

    Try our NEW! Rocky Road flavor.  We took Yo Cream's Toasted Marshmallow and combined it with Cable Car Chocolate and Peanut Butter frozen yogurt concentrate.  This delicious flavor tastes wonderful with marshmallow syrup and chopped peanuts on top of it.  Try some today! read more

    Strawberries are delicious, healthy, fresh fruit topping offered at Granola's Frozen Yogurt & More.  As one of our most popular toppings, strawberries are rich with antioxidants like Vitamin C.  Strawberries are known to help support the immune system, lower blood pressure, reduce wrinkles, help eye sight, and many more!!!  Put strawberries on top of your frozen yogurt TODAY!   Check out this article for more reasons to top your fro yo with strawberries: http://www.besthealthmag.ca/best-eats/healthy-eating/10-health-benefits-of-strawberries read more